Открытка (плейкаст) «Ecoplanet and its magic animal»

badrichello , 6 ноября 2017 года, 0:11

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  1. Hello, I'm Savik. I'm a magic animal. My aim is to save forests. My fur is green. You can see it in the forests: trees and grass are green. My eyes are blue like rivers and springers and springs which you can found in forests. I have a magic horn to protect nature. My ears are big. They help me to hear requests for help from any creature who lives in forest. I can heal plants and animals but my power isn't endless. I use my wings to be quicker. Unfortunately forests are in danger now. People cut trees, leave litter, sometimes are not careful with fire. I have a lot to do every day… Please, help me. Let's save trees and animals together.
Звук:Oleg Gurtovoy and VEGA - Time - Album T by Tunguska Electronic Music Society(Creative Commons : Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0) — К себе
Изображение: Рисует художник Осень — Luluka,
Текст:Ecoplanet Oktyabrskaya School