Открытка (плейкаст) «Любовь»

m_masha , 22 июня 2006 года, 10:35

Любовь Любовь

Please ne'er forget,
your memory is
near my heart
Tho' a dream of mountains
I must follow.
Over peak and brook
and hollow.
Your love
I will feel.

Tho' miles apart,
Your thoughts
will warm my heart.
From high,
upon a cold
mountain top.
When under vines
of laurel
I will walk,
your face
I will see
among the blossoms.

On high above a valley floor
our love
will transcend
the heights
and more.
I will return to you
Our embrace
will consumate
a love
not soon
to be forgot.
Dreams and mountains
will not replace
my love for
you, my Wife,
my dear,
my life mate.
I will return,
to see your smile
tho' it will stay
with me
with ev'ry mile

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