Открытка (плейкаст) «Dreams»

helloludmila , 21 августа 2006 года, 17:47

Dreams Dreams

What is a dream?
What does make its essence?

It is being a flower of lotus
put onto your palm,
where every single petal
is coloured with its immaculate and pure emotion
towards the holder and the beholder;

It is a thread of rare pearls of all colours for us to imagine
that is torn in a grassy lawn
and the hands that meet
while looking for those precious tears
of all the oceans and seas –
just for the two of us;

It is the tip of my tongue
that is pressed to my teeth
in the three syllables of your name
as I pronounce it,
whispering straight into your heart;

It is the smell of yours,
that fills the rooms and the kitchen
and me, bathing in it, like a kitten in the ray of light.

What is my love to you?
What does make its essence?
It is standing in a choir among the gospel singers,
being able to murmur only the blues.
For my dreams
are not the reflection
of my love.

Text - by myself
Music - Once Upon A December