Открытка (плейкаст) «Elis»

SSS777 , 3 марта 2011 года, 10:36

Звук:Elis.mp3 - Paul Mauriat(Composed By Paul Mauriat),альбом "Nagekidori"(1987), К себе
Изображение: Heart and Soul - Josephine Wall(Fantasy),репродукция(Art Gallery:Coddesses)
Текст:Официальный сайт-текст в комментариях
Тэги: музыка paul mauriat живопись josephine wall


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The butterfly maiden looks inquiringly up at the heavens, soul-searching as she watches the clouds form layer upon layer of strange and wonderful lands.Beneath her multicoloured, gossamer headdress beats the heart of a lion offering strength to the gentle souls in flight.A swirl of flowers forming a garland around the "Queen of the Jungle", gradually blends into sea and stars.This transitional plane is the meeting place between the butterfly's ethereal and gentle world and the lion's proud and powerful domain. The outcome of this meeting is a perfect blend for life.