Открытка (плейкаст) «Purifier»

timonglb , 15 апреля 2011 года, 20:48

Purifier Purifier

The webs of past are thick to hack,
And maze of life is cold and dark,
There are no torches on its walls ...
You wander by without goals.

Ancestors’ bones all lie below ...
You'll end like them, of this you know.
What is the meaning of your road ?
You are destined to die and rot.

The slime on walls became your food -
It is edible, but no good,
The veil of darkness is your cloak,
And heart resembles walls of rock.

The pits on floor possess no threat -
To fall in them you will be glad,
And with this maze you've formed band …
But you're still standing where you stand.

The walls of past are thick to hack,
But you will have to make a brack
And to destroy them once for all ...
For this is only worthy goal.

My words may help you on this path ...
I am not first, I am not last,
For your new life I am the lawyer,
But some still see me as destroyer.

And when it's cold, and when it's dark,
I may become short-living spark ...
From time to time, when need is dire,
I shall become a Purifier.

I'll burn to dust those foul webs,
I'll kill all spiders with sword's stabs,
I shall become a distant light
Who guides to exit, shining bright.

And when the maze is left behind,
Screw up your eyes to not be blind,
For rising sun you'll see on fore ...
And from this time I'll be no more.

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Текст:Прохор Озорнин
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