Открытка (плейкаст) «Eternal Friends»

Ксена , 19 сентября 2006 года, 1:59


Eternal Friends Eternal Friends

Companions of the soul.

We are two friends, so different in many ways.
Yet both traveling the same part, searching for the same things.
Asking the same questions, and finding a beautiful part of the answer
In the closeness we share with each other.

To me you are my way.
How we look for them doesn't matter as long as we look for them and me.

For me any path is okay, Tomik, as long as it's with you!

The relationsship between us it's a first. It's been amazing and fantastic.

I'm really proud of being part of you.

We are two soulmates, who are meant to be together forever.

We are a couple, we will always be a couple.

Подруги лучше мне не отыскать,
Ну может, можно...если б я хотела...
Но, только где скажи такую взять,
Моя дорогая, Лучик солнца ты мой!
Одна ты на свете, Одна ты такая,
Не будет похожей другой!

Помни, что мы осознаём как любим человека, только тогда, когда мы его теряем, навсегда!

:o) I love you!