Открытка (плейкаст) «Little Boy Billy»

Dona_Ana , 26 сентября 2006 года, 23:31

 Кому: Ralph Steadman

Little Boy Billy Little Boy Billy

There were three men of Bristol city
They stole a ship and went to sea

There was Gorging Jack and Guzzling Jimmy
And also Little Boy Billy

They stole a tin of captain’s biscuits
And one large battle of whisky

But when they reached the broad Atlantic
They had nothing left but one {???}

Said Gorging Jack to Guzzling Jimmy
“We’ve nothing to eat so I’m going to eat thee”

Said Guzzling Jimmy “I’m old and chuffish
So let’s eat Little Boy Billy”

“Oh Little Boy Billy, we’re gonna kill and eat ye{=you}
So undo the top button of your little chemi’{=chemise}

“Oh may I say my catechism; oh may I say my catechism
That my dear mother taught to me

He climbed up to the main top gallan
And there he fell upon his knee

But when he reached the Eleventh Commandment
He cried “Yo-ho! for land I see!”

I see Jerusalem and Madagascar
And North and South Americi

I see the British Fleet at anchor
And our Admiral Nelson KCB

They hung Gorging Jack and Guzzling Jimmy
But they made an admiral of Little Boy Billy

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