Открытка (плейкаст) «Teriyaki Boyz»

WooK , 29 октября 2006 года, 18:48

Teriyaki Boyz Teriyaki Boyz

Yea, Japan's always exciting,
Heat island jumpi'n all around,
to a burning paper, never so mind,
attract them with onions, "come over this way"
Heat up de how ideal,
all over town its no-divorce.
so confused need some help?fool!
gocha gocha fast an' furious!

It's gotta be the shoes,
Gotta be the furs,
That's why ladies choose me,
All up in the news,
'Cause we so cute,
That's why we so huge,
Harajuku girls know how I feel,
They respect, I keeps it real.
Not a Chinaman 'cause I ain't from China man...
I am Japan man.