Открытка (плейкаст) «I listen to the silence»

casandra_2007 , 28 сентября 2013 года, 22:33

I listen to the silence I listen to the silence

When two hearts beat in unison,
And sometimes words are not necessary ...
And there she is, and there is only He,
When the head is turned,
Worth a look just to touch,
And merge body and soul,
And we always want to be near,
Without looking at the Earth's device.
When the separation is not so sufferable,
A meeting - joyous, warm,
When she and he - loved,
When the heat of winter ...
When all you want to give
And not to take anything in return,
Talk about their feelings,
Once captured forever in love!
When jealous and worried,
Proud, love, cherish,
Listen, believe, respect,
Contradict, argue, and sometimes silent ...
When bored, look photo
When the poems themselves are born,
When on holiday looking for something ...
All these are signs of love!
They are familiar with the two of us,
After all, I love you, and you - me!
We shall, if we wish,
From day to day life, love keeping! On the day of love with you and me, And most of us have nothing to wish for. Borrowed forever before we fate that helped meet each other! A return to her as soon as you need so that we truly loved each other, in all kept together, in unison, and appreciate life every day!

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