Открытка (плейкаст) «I listen to the silence»

casandra_2007 , 1 октября 2013 года, 10:58

От: casandra_2007

 Кому: Екатерине

I listen to the silence I listen to the silence

When dawn ... only  hurts me


When the rains - .... only wash  me..


  When the storm ....... I'm just scared ...


  Speechlessness is not perfect .......




I speak to the world of "you" ..


I see the answer , hear clearly ....


But the other man. do not you ...


He is silent .... And it's all in vain ....




I do not  see his thunderstorms


 I do not see his  the sun


 Silence-- his path,


Then my sadness won't offend his



Oh, my sadness ! You  is light?


No, she answers me in jest


 in the sky all your dreams


  In reality - all is the vanity



My questions and doubts


 bother me again and again


But if in the world Love will find


It is  gived name. There will  luck


Звук:Gabriel Duhovny К себе
Изображение: Интернет
Текст:Yulia Lapshina
Тэги: жизнь любовь одиночество