Открытка (плейкаст) «I listen to the silence»

casandra_2007 , 1 октября 2013 года, 17:52

I listen to the silence I listen to the silence

When sunrise ... it just  hurts me

When came  the rains - .... it  cleanses my soul

When  there is the storm ....... I feel the funk

And the Speechlessness is not beautiful anymore.......


I  try to speak to the whole world from my world

Then I see and hear clearly....

But this man. Is not you

He is silent.... And that for nothing


I can not see expression on his face

And he is not sunshine anymore

his path -it is Silence

Then my sadness will not  hurt  him


Oh, my sadness !   is it  light?

Then Not, it says me with sarcasm

Your dreams on the sky ….

In reality -it all is the vanity


My questions and doubts

Bother me again and again

But if in you can find Love in the world

Then it is name for that. It is your infinity

Звук:Gabriel Duhovny К себе
Изображение: интернет
Текст:Yulia Lapshina
Тэги: жизнь любовь женщины