Открытка (плейкаст) «Mama»

Damayanty , 28 октября 2007 года, 12:05

Mama Mama

I know
Mom - it's sad to see your child grow
Now I'm gone - it breaks your heart
Why lord
Now it's time we have to let go
Won't forget the way you are

There are no words to say - I left you mama
I had to go and make some money
You did your best now don't you worry
I'll be fine so don't you cry no more

There are times and there are days
When I'm down - I've lost my way
Hello mama - yeah - I call mama
Come around and ease my pain
Hold me like you did again
Cause you've known me all my life
I know you're jn my side
Whether I'm wrong jr right
I know you're on my side....

Звук:Pushking К себе
Изображение: Alex Lvinsky