Открытка (плейкаст) «[as i'm, as u r]»

Yuko , 2 июля 2008 года, 12:14

[as i'm, as u r] [as i'm, as u r]

This morning is the day after the next,
Escape my only dream,
Cos i'm the only one again.
But life is better spent inside your world,
Butterfly that sings
Causes me to fall once more.
Tomorrow you are only half a friend ,
Machines control your mind,
And neon strips above my head...

...And when you turn me inside out,
Don't know what you feel or dream about.
And then you take me upside down -
Remember my face, my name, my town...

Come tomorrow, come tomorrow...
Theres never been an answer -
Theres always someone else to follow...
And you are coming down, and you are coming down,
Giving me the reasons for your lies...

Звук:Come tomorrow
Изображение: N.M. - xxx