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СветИкС , 18 апреля 2015 года, 18:53

Конкурс "Спасибо деду за Победу!" Конкурс "Спасибо деду за Победу!"

Dear friend,
 I want to tell you about my great-grandfather – Malyshev Vladimir, who was born in 1910 in the village Ivorovo . In 1934 he married, then 3 children were born, the youngest was born in 1940.
War of 1941 turned the life of Vladimir’s family. The great-grandfather was called in soldiers in October.
My great-grandmother remembered Vladimir’s last words forever: “I’ll return, only wait”. Then my great-grandfather and 200 other soldiers were shipped on the barge. Through the crying and shouts of farewell they even didn’t hear the coming nearer fascist plane. One of the shells got directly into the center of the barge.
The barge sank for some seconds.
The river Volga in October 1941 became a grave for great-grandfather.
I am proud of my great-grandfather.
Did your great-grandparents take part in the war?
Best wishes,
Katya Somova.

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