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Юлия.Цыганкова , 23 апреля 2015 года 23:45

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                                                                             April, 2015


Dear friend,

Today I am writing to you for a special reason. This year we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Great Victory. This holiday is very important for us.

  I want to tell you about my great-grandfather, who was an officer of the Soviet Army during the Second World War. His name was Fedosov Vasiliy Pavlovich. He was a pilot. He defended our Motherland in the air. During the war my great-grandfather brought down eleven planes of enemies.

 After the war my great-grandpa’s life was connected with planes. He became a dispatcher.

My great-grandfather had a lot of medals. Also he got The Order of Alexander Nevskiy. It was rare at that time.

   I’m proud of my great-grandfather. He was a real hero. I wish there were more people like him.

Best regards,

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Звук:мы пилоты
Изображение: самолет
Текст:Минчева Надежда

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