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My great-grandfather's rewards

                                                             15 April
Dear Rebecca,                                                                              

You asked me about the Great Patriotic War. Well, 1941-1945 were the worst time for our country. Talking about the 9thMay we can say that it is «the holiday with tears in eyes». Seven decades have passed since our heroes performed the most outstanding feat, forcing proud of their Motherland. And each family, each person contributed to the Victory over the enemy.

The war also affected my family. My great-grandfather, Ivan Polzunov, was a scout, proved himself as a brave and resourceful commander. During the combat in Brandenburg he destroyed 6 German military-men and neutralized 6 enemy firing points. Unfortunately, he died.

Russian soldiers, whose hearts were filled with heroism and courage, fought to the death for Russian land. A lot of people will never be returned from the war. But we will always remember their feat. We live under a peaceful sky thanks to our ancestors!

And what historic events affected your family?

I'm waiting for your letter.


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