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Ирина.Батурина , 25 апреля 2015 года, 18:21

Изображение для плейкаста
Sentralnaya street
23 April 2015

Dear friend,

I am Maria. I would like to tell you about
my great-grandfather.

He took part in the Great Patriotic war. His name was Pivovarov Vasiliy. He lived in Voronezh, but after the revolution his parents moved to Kyrgyztan. Great grandfather Vasiliy worked in Frynze economic technical school. When he went to the war, he had a wife, three children and old parents. At that time nobody stayed indifferent and everybody went to the war for the Motherlad with patriotism. He fought in Kursk and went from Moscow to Berlin, displacing the fascists from the occupied territory.

He was awarded the order of the Red Banner, order of the Red Star and the Medal for bravery.

I am very proud of my grandfather. He defended the Motherland from the invaders, for us to live in peace.

His memory is eternal!

Did you grand-parents take part in the war?

With love,

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