Открытка (плейкаст) «Thanks grandpa for the Victory»

Ирина.Батурина , 25 апреля 2015 года, 22:06

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Shkolnaya 26,



25 April 2015.


Dear friend,

My name is Irina. I am 9. I want to tell you about the real hero in my famiy, my great-grandfather.

My great-grandfather, Teleruk Feodor Markovich, was born in Ukraine in the village Naraevka. When the Germans came to the village he was 13, he decided to go to the war. During the war he blew up 2 tanks and was wounded.

When the war finished, Feodor Markovich was 18 years. He was called to the army for 7 years.

My great-grandfather is still alive. He is a real hero for me. Every ninth of May I congratulate him. I thank him for the Victory, for the peace, for the clean sky in our country. I am happy that there is no war in Russia.

Was your great-grandfather on the war?

With love,

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