Открытка (плейкаст) «Спасибо деду за победу»

Ирина.Батурина , 26 апреля 2015 года, 8:21

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Sentralnaya street 20
25April 2015.


My dear friend,

My friend is Misha. I am 10. I want to tell you about my hero – my great-grandfather. He was born in 1906, in Moscow region, in the village Annino.His name was Erohin Petr Andreevich.

In June 1941 he went to front and became the commander.

Great-grandfather Petr was awarded a lot of medals.

He met the Victory in Berlin.

Petr Andreevich was brave, courageous and friendly person. I am proud of my great-grandfather. When I’ll grow up, I’ll be like my great-granddad.

I want to thank all veterans for the peace in our country.

I am happy that we live without war.

Sincerely yours,



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