Открытка (плейкаст) «A Native Home»

Irina.Samarina , 18 октября 2015 года, 20:53

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Murom is our native town. We were born here. Our relatives and friends live here. Everything here is familiar and dear to us. We love our town very much. It is very nice and clean. We want Murom to become more beautiful. We would like different new sports facilities appear in our town. We want Murom to grow and develop. We know that the future of our town is in our hands. Even if we will get away from Murom we’ll never forget our birthplace because it will always be in our hearts. People can’t forget those things that they have known since childhood. That’s why every person wants to return to his native town to see his native street, the school where he studied, his native house, old things and of course his parents and friends. Murom is a native house for all of us. We hope we’ll never leave it. We believe it is the best town on the Earth.
Звук:Припев песни — Алексей Гоман "Дом Родной"
Изображение: фон — интернет, Картинка - "Виды Мурома", автор - Ирина Самарина
Текст:Team "The Champions"


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